dirk hensiek - Motion Design - mediaproduction

digital motion Brand Communication

typeface relaunch

Typographic concept for social media clip content

Client: TheNewInstitute

15 seconds injection

What a twisted year!

Motion design projects during the 2020-2021 pandemic period

Regie - Design - Editing - Compositing: Dirk Hensiek

sportpromotion video

A striking dynamic design, developed from a passion for sport

Regie - Design - Editing - Compositing: Dirk Hensiek

Character Animation

Explanatory film - desserts in a modular system

Lead Agency: Herret von Haeften GmbH 

Client: Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG

Regie, Filmconcept

Character Animation, Design and Production: Dirk Hensiek

explanatory video

Go Smart - Innovate across Borders

GoSmart BSR is a three-year cooperation project co-financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme

Client: HWWI - Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut

Motion Design - Production - Regie: Dirk Hensiek

Videowall - Visuals

Henkel - Night of the Jubilees - Düsseldorf

Client: KOLLEKTIV K GMBH - www.kollektiv-k.de

Project coordination: Benjamin Kuchenbäcker

Filmconcept - Motion Design - Production: Dirk Hensiek

digital signature - title sequence

Client: Thore Vollert - Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH

Lead Agency - Logo-Relaunch: Frank Rieder - franxraum

Motion Design - Production: Dirk Hensiek

Mephisto originals

  Promotion-Event Videos

Regie, Visual-concept, compositing, After Effects 3D, audio and editing Dirk Hensiek

Agency: BEP-Digital Saarlouis  Clinte: MEPHISTO S.A.S - France

its hamburg - application campaign

Design and production. Video visuals for the ITS-Hamburg promotion campaign

Client Customer: Kontrapunkt GmbH Timelaps-Stock: Jörn Braasch - Anek Artwork

Jungheinrich graphic tools

Design, concept and production of After Effects graphic templates. 

Applications for film editing

Client Customer: Multimedia production Wordandvideo Client: Jungheinrich AG

FC Bayern Live Tv - On Air Design

Design Development and After Effects Production - Graphictools and Templates.

 Lead Agency: Herret von Haeften GmbH 

Production company: thin X Pool GmbH Client: Telekom Deutschland GmbH and FC Bayern München


Visual-Design für Messe Exponat Touchtable 

Client Customer: Kontrapunkt GmbH Client: Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Energie

dräger saftey - 360° projection

Concept, design, animation, production. Format: 48 meters x 2.80 meters. Direction: Heiko Hagemann

3D Mattis Merkel Design and production: Dirk Hensiek, Tanja Fassold and Mario Lautscham. Client: Dräger Safety AG

melitta coffeebike event-tour

Promotion-Video for social social media campaign.

Regie, Visual-concept, Compositing, Audio and video editing Dirk Hensiek

Client Customer:  BEP-Digital Saarlouis. Client: Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG

Transfermarkt - dynamic transitions TV opener

Visual Concept, Compositing, After Effects  and creation of a variable TV graphic package

Client Customer: Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH. Client: Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG

mood movies

Concept and Film Ideas, Design and Realization for Mood and Case Movies.

Customer list for Mood Movies: High Res - Berlin, Mutabor Design - Hamburg, DDB Hamburg, Cutter and Soul - Hamburg,

Publicis - Hamburg, Jung v Matt Elbe - Hamburg, NDR - Hamburg, ZDF - Mainz

tv digital - title intro

Concept ideas, design and realization 

various digitale magazin-opener

Client Customer: FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE GmbH & Co. KGaA

German Renewables Award

Videowall Eventvisuals

Concept Ideas, Design and Realization 

Client Customer:  Kontrapunkt GmbH

promotion Online / Tv

Concept Ideas, Design and Realization

tv promotion for a new sport format 

Client Customer: Sportdigital TV Sende- und Produktions GmbH




Dirk Hensiek - Freelance Motion Design Artist

Creative director of graphic design and motion design - directing and producing image films, commercials, trade fair films and explanatory films.

Many years of professional experience in the field of TV design (on-air design) corporate design and graphic design.